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Double Sided Adhesive Tape – Tesa


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If you want to mount a mirror to the wall permanently or affix a carpet on the floor temporarily for a three-day exhibit. If you want to hang up a picture without using nails because you want to remove it later without residue – and also because your landlord doesn’t like holes in the wall. If you are a newspaper printer and want to optimize you splicing processes. Or if you are designing new facade elements that need to stay in place, even during a fierce storm. Then double-sided adhesive tapes are your perfect choice.

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Model : 4970

UGS: Dimension:Qté par Caisse: Prix:
PP8206 25mm x 55m36 $23.25
PP8202 12mm x 55m72 $10.95
PP8204 19mm x 55m48 $17.50


25mm x 55m


12mm x 55m


19mm x 55m


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