About us

Papiers et Emballages Arteau is a family business founded in 1983.

The company debuted in the distribution of packaging products, but soon added a division for the conversion of paper and cardboard. Papiers et Emballages Arteau has a many equipment that allows to meet a variety of needs in the field of commercial and industrial packaging.

The team is now as more than fifty employees serving the company and its division and is growing constantly.

Papiers et Emballages Arteau is a family with human values. Always seeking to make a positive impact on the community, social responsibility is one of its core values. Through its social and cultural integration program, the company proudly offers an adapted work environment to over twenty people living with mental disabilities.

The variety of products and multiple partners the company has surrounded itself over the years makes Papiers et Emballages Arteau dynamic, flexible and reliable.

Papiers et Emballages Artea thank you for your trust over the last 33 years and hope to continue to contribute to the success of your business in the years to come.




Roger Arteau


M. Roger Arteau funded Papiers & Emballages Arteau in 1983. He was CEO from 1983 to 2007. He then became member of the board.


Alain Arteau

Co-founder and President

Mr. Alain Arteau is one of the company’s founder. Since 1983, Mr. Arteau contributed to the evolvement and growth the family business and brang it to where it is now. He is President of the company since 2007. He pilots the different sector of the company with the management team.


Benoit Arteau

Managing Director

Mr. Benoit Arteau began his career at Papiers & Emballages Arteau in 1993. He worked in the production and shipping /receiving departments, where he quickly rose from operator to foreman. In 1997 he joined the sales team and in 2003 he was promoted to director of sales. Since 2015, Benoit Arteau holds the position of Managing Director.


France Arteau

Manager, Administrative Services

After working as an administrative officer in the banking field, she decided to join the company in 1998. Holding a degree in administration, she has held several positions regarding the amelioration and structure of the company. Acting as an advisor and member of the board, she now assists and advise the management team regarding the company’s orientation.


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